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Created 19-Apr-12
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Margin of Allred Lake
Little Hunting SloughLittle Hunting Slough 2Allred Lake from boardwalkLower Allred LakeLower Allred Lake 2Old cypress trunk, Allred LakeBald Cypress and Tupelo, Allred LakeBald Cypress and Tupelo 2, Allred LakeEarly morning sunlight, Allred LakeEarly morning Allred Lake 1Duck Creek fishing 1Duck Creek fishing 3Tupelo reflection 1Allred Lake winter 151211_D806550Flooded bottomland forest, Mingo National Wildlife RefugeStanley Creek 1, Mingo NWRStanley Creek 2, Mingo NWRStanley Creek 3, Mingo NWRStanley Creek 6, Mingo NWREarly light on Monopoly Lake 1

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